Katie Treece - Studio Owner & All-Star Director
Katie founded Prima Dance Studio in 2013. She has experience teaching all styles of dance, age groups, and skill levels. Katie currently coaches all Junior & Senior Competitive Teams at Prima Dance All-Stars, along with the Halls High School dance teams as well. Katie's favorite thing about opening her own studio is: "Being able to impact so many young dancer's lives and help them maximize their potential both inside and outside of the studio. The family atmosphere that we have created at Prima makes me proud and also thankful to have built a culture where each dancer feels loved and welcomed." 

Grace Kelley- All-Star Coach

​Grace has 13 years of dance experience.

" My favorite thing about Prima is the family bond you create with your teammates, the parents, and all the kids you coach. Dance has taught me to never take anything for granted and to cherish every second you get with that special group of people. You never know just how much it means to you until it becomes just a memory. Dance has also tauhgt me to give 110%, not just in practice or at competitions, but in everything life might throw at you. Lastly, dance has taught me to never give up and chase every goal I have in life. No matter how big or how small."

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Tierra Minor - ​All-Star Coach/Instructor

DeLaney Townsend - All-Star Coach

Lidia Gilliam - All-Star Coach

Lidia has five years of dance experience.

" My favorite thing about Prima is getting to meet new people and creating connections with them. They become a second family because of the amount of time you spend with them. Dance has taught me to have better time management. This applies to dance and life outside of dance. " 

Our Staff

The Prima Dance Studio staff is comprised of experienced, compassionate, and motivating instructors who have the best interest of each dancer that walks into their classes or is a part of their competition teams. Our staff is dedicated to the improvement and growth of all dancers.

We take pride in our "family" oriented culture that we've created at Prima Dance Studio. 

Hannah Rodriguez - All-Star Coach


Interested in becoming a part of the Prima staff family? Contact Katie at katietreece@primadancestudio.net.

Whitney Branch -
 Enrollment Coordinator

Mikayla Rodriguez - All-Star Coach/Instructor

Savannah Keck-All-Star Coach, Front Desk, Recreational Enrollment

Savannah has 18 years of dance experience.

"My favorite thing about Prima is getting the oppertunity to see the progresssion of the athletes throughout the season. I love seeing my team not only grow as athletes, but grow as friends. All the coaches, athletes, and parents are truly one big family and I am grateful to be apart of it. 

Dance has taught me many things but one important aspect is confidence. I have confidence that I can do hard things, confidence on stage and in my everyday life. Beleiving in myself and those around me, taking action for the things I desire, and trusting myself in every aspect. "

Sierra Wilson - All-Star Coach/Instructor

Sierra has 18 years of dance experince.

My favorite thing about Prima is the family athmosphere. As soon as you walk in the door you are immediately loved and welcomed. The staff loves each and every child, and the dancers love each other like  siblings. Dance has taught me to never give up on yourself and to keep going. Just think when you have hit rock bottom or a dead end, change your perspective because there is something out there meant for you."

Lyndi Vaughn - All-Star Coach

Lyndi has17 years of dance experience.

"I love coaching at Prima because of the support and love each dancer, coach, and family brings to th studio. It turly is a fmailyinside and outside of the studio. I am pushed to become a better coach and person everyday. Walking through the doors at Prima immediately makes my day better and I always know I will be greeted with a hug and a smile. Dance has taught me many things, but one thing that it has taught me that still holds true today is determination! Everything I have done in my pofessional ans personal life has been because of my determination that I learned from being apart of a dance team."

Jaiden Peterson - All-Star Coach

Jaiden has 9 years of dance experience.

"It is hard to pick just one favorite thing because there is too much to love and appreciate. Watching dancers progress and through throughout the years, as a coach, is definitely my top favorite. Dance has brought me so much structure into my life. It has taught me how to lead, be accountable, persevere, and overall trust those around me. Dance has taught me how to be the best version of myself."