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Christen Spruiell - All-Star Coach/Instructor

Christen has been dancing for 10 years. She currently teaches Intermediate Tumbling, Intermediate Acro & Hip Hop, Advanced Tumbling, and Advanced Hip Hop. Christen also coaches two All-Star Competition Teams- Youth Hip Hop and Youth Jazz. Her favorite thing about dance is: "definitely the family aspect of it. I love being able to do what I love and share it with the people I love. Dance has brought me the best friendships I've ever had!" A fun fact about Christen is that she is a 3rd degree black belt in mixed martial arts. 

Addie Smith - Student Instructor/Coach
Addie has been dancing for 5 years. She instructs our Pre-K Ballet classes as well as our Tiny All-Star Jazz team. Addie also competes on 3 of our All-Star Senior Teams in Lyrical, Pom, and Hip Hop. Her favorite thing about dance: "That I make memories that will last a lifetime". A fun fact about Addie is that she has traveled to 7 different countries! 

Savannah Lee - Student Instructor/Front Desk

Savannah has been dancing for 13 years and currently competes on 3 of our All-Star Competitive dance teams. She currently instructs Intermediate Lyrical, Intermediate Ballet, and Junior/Teen Ballet. You'll also see Savannah working the front desk on Mondays each week! Her favorite thing about dancing is that: "it gives me the ability to forget about everything and just be in the moment." A fun fact about Savannah is that she's been homeschooled since middle school. 

Kenzie Anderson - All-Star Coach/Instructor

Kenzie was a dancer at Prima Dance Studio for 5 years. She is currently the Tiny All-Star Pom and Mini All-Star Hip Hop coach but Kenzie has taught Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tumbling- you name it. You'll also see Kenzie working the front desk every Thursday! Her favorite thing about Prima: "I love being a part of this family and can confidently say it has helped shaped me into I am today. I couldn't have chosen a better studio 7 years ago!" A fun fact about Kenzie is that she was on our first ever Senior competition teams back in 2013!

Katie Treece Roach - Studio Owner & All-Star Director
Katie founded Prima Dance Studio in 2013. She has experience teaching all styles of dance, age groups, and skill levels. Katie currently coaches all Junior & Senior Competitive Teams at Prima Dance All-Stars, along with Halls Middle School & Halls High School dance teams as well. Katie's favorite thing about dance is: "Being able to impact so many young dancer's lives and help them maximize their potential both inside and outside of the studio. The family atmosphere that we have created at Prima makes me proud and also thankful to have built a culture where each dancer feels loved and welcomed." A fun fact about Katie is that she is obsessed with The Office.

Mei Grace Krusenklaus - All-Star Coach/Instructor

​Mei Grace has been dancing for 7 years and has been coaching for 4 years. She is a Halls High School Dance Team alumni. Mei currently coaches our Mini All-Star Jazz Team as well as our Youth Hip Hop B team. You'll also see Miss Mei instructing Elementary Hip Hop and Elementary Acro. Her favorite thing about dance at Prima: "Seeing all the dancers get excited about dancing, seeing their teachers, and making new friends." A fun fact about Mei is that she's obsessed with Dr. Pepper!

Emalee Kreiman - Student Instructor/Coach

Ema has been dancing for 14 years and still currently competes on our Senior All-Star dance teams. She instructs Elementary Ballet, Pre-K Jazz, Pre-K Hip Hop, and also coaches our Tiny Hip Hop competitive team. Her favorite thing about Prima is: "They're my second family and you can always count on them for anything". A fun fact about Emalee is that she was a part of our first year of competition teams back in 2013!

Rachel Hurd - Student Instructor
Rachel has been dancing at Prima for 5 years. She teaches Beginner Tumbling, Pre-K Acro, and Tiny Twos. Rachel also competes on our Senior Pom and Senior Hip Hop competitive teams. Rachel's favorite thing about Prima is: "There's no place like Prima....when you walk in there will always be a smiling face ready to greet you! The friendships you make are incredible. I don't know what I would do if I didn't go to Prima." A fun fact about Rachel is that she has 4 other siblings!

DeLaney Townsend - Instructor Assistant
DeLaney has been dancing for 7 years and currently dances on 6 of our All-Star Competitive teams. She currently assists with our Tiny All-Star Competition team. DeLaney's favorite thing about dance is: "When I'm dancing I forget the world around me and all of my worries. It helps me express myself in a way that words can't. The word 'friends' can't begin to describe the bonds I have with my teammates and my amazing coach all because of dance. I will forever be grateful that I get to do what I love in the best studio environment." A fun fact about DeLaney is that she has a pet duck!

Grace Kelley - Instructor Assistant
Grace has been dancing for 8 years. She is currently an assistant to our Tiny All-Star competitive team and our Pre-K Ballet class. Grace also competes on 3 of our Junior All-Star Competitive Dance Teams and 2 of our Senior teams. Her favorite part about being an assistant is: "Seeing the smiles of the dancer's faces when they come into dance and seeing them grow over the season." A fun fact about Grace is that she loves Justin Bieber! 


Our Staff

The Prima Dance Studio staff is comprised of experienced, compassionate, and motivating instructors who have the best interest of each dancer that walks into their classes. Our staff is dedicated to the improvement and growth of all dancers. We take pride in our "family" oriented culture that we've created at Prima Dance Studio. 

Jaiden Peterson - All-Star Coach/Instructor

Jaiden has been dancing for over 9 years. She currently instructs our Intermediate Jazz class but has previously taught Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, etc and specializes in leading our Summer Camps and Kid's Clinics. This year Jaiden coaches our Youth Lyrical and Youth Pom All-Star Competitive dance teams. Jaiden's favorite thing about dance: "How expressive it is and the family you gain from it." A fun fact about Jaiden is that she has never broken or even fractured a bone! 

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